QUIZ: We Give You The Dublin Place Name And You Give Us The District

D6 or D6W... Think you know Dublin? Prove it

Dublin Map Jan

Call yourself a Dub? Think you know your way around Dublin city and county? Well, we have decided to put your knowledge to the test.

We give you the Dublin place name and all we ask for in return is that you give us the district code.

For example Sandymount is in Dublin 4 but Artane is in Dublin 5.

We give you 15 places and all you have to do is answer D followed by the number of the district. So if Sandymount appeared in the quiz (it doesn't sorry) then you would just answer with D4. 

There is a twist, you have 90 seconds to name the 15. The places will appear one by one but if you get an answer wrong, the quiz will automatically end.

Best of luck.

If the quiz isn't appearing for you in the article, you can find it here

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Darragh Berry

Darragh is a Mayo GAA fan for all his sins. He taught himself how to play guitar at the age of 11 and hasn't stopped playing Wonderwall since. Gets lost on the streets of Dublin as frequently as Mayo lose All-Ireland Finals. Contact - darragh@lovin.com