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21st Apr 2023

2 for €10: Simple slowcooker beef ragu tagliatelle with cheesy garlic bread

Emily Mullen

beef ragu recipe

At the moment it feels like every time you stick your nose out the door you end up spending €300 our new series 2 for €10 aims to claw some money back while still eating well.

This recipe for beef ragu tagliatelle is a low-effort gem- with some help from a slow cooker and air fryer of course- if you don’t have either of those a hob and an oven will do the trick. If you don’t have Tagliatelle in the cupboard, spaghetti would work just as well.

Beef Ragu Tagliatelle


1 tbsp – Vegetable Oil (€0.05)
335g – Diced Beef (€3.75)
1 – Stalk of Celery (€0.11)
1 – Carrot (€0.12)
4 – Shallots (€0.65)
2 – Garlic Cloves (€0.05)
400g – Tinned Tomatoes (€0.55)
1 – Red Wine Stock Pot (€0.36)
4 – Sprigs of Fresh Thyme (€0.20)
150g – Tagliatelle Pasta (€0.26)
20g – Mild Cheddar Cheese (€0.15)
Salt and Pepper (€0.05)
Cheesy Garlic Bread
1 – Small Baguette (€0.35)
15g – Salted Butter (€0.30)
2 – Garlic Cloves (€0.05)
40g – Mild Cheddar Cheese (€0.30)


1. Finely dice the celery, carrot and shallots to make a mirepoix.
2. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan on high. Add the diced beef and brown. Remove from the
pan then add the mirepoix and cook for 3-4 minutes until it starts to brown, then
remove from the heat.
3. Transfer the beef and mirepoix to a slow cooker. Add the minced garlic, tinned
tomatoes, a red wine stock pot, 200ml water, fresh thyme and a good pinch of
salt and pepper. Mix, cover and cook on LOW for 7-8 hours or on HIGH for 4-5
4. When it is ready the beef will easily pull apart. Remove the pieces from the slow cooker, shred and mix back through the sauce.
5. Cook the tagliatelle as per the directions on the pack.
6. To make the garlic bread, Mix 2 minced garlic cloves with the softened butter. Cut the baguette in half and spread the butter on the surface, grate the cheese over and place them in an Air Fryer at 180C for 7-8 minutes or in a preheated oven at
180C/160C Fan for 12-15 minutes.
7. Toss the cooked tagliatelle through the ragu and serve up topped with some grated cheddar

Bon Appétit! And just remember prices are accurate as of April 2023.

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