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30th Apr 2017

21 Mind Blowing Brunch Recipes To Try This Bank Holiday


Brunch isn’t always about eating out and sometimes you just feel like throwing together a little something special yourself.

None of the recipes on this list are going to win you many awards in the health stakes, but they do win all the taste awards. They’re from some of the best bloggers in the world, so check out their other recipes, bookmark the ones you like and use them as your online cook book in future.

Drooling here just thinking about these…

1. Nutella and bacon stuffed french toast

You’re not going to believe just how good this recipe is. But probably not one for those on a diet.


2. Breakfast nachos

Most places you go for brunch will have a version of breakfast nachos, but none are going to taste or look as good as your own. Try them here.


3. Strawberry shortcake pancakes

Why go with plain pancakes when you can try these strawberry shortcake ones that look nearly too good to eat. Not actually that hard to throw together either.


4. Hummus and avocado toasts with roasted tomato

Kind of leaning on the healthier side of things with these hummus and avocado toasts with roasted tomato. Or at least you can try to convince yourself you are.


5. Cheesy bacon roll

This recipe has all the good things you need in the world… the cheesy bacon roll is a thing of beauty.


6. Butternut squash, cheesy corn cakes with gruyere hollandaise

Try something a little different with these butternut squash, cheesy corn cakes with gruyere hollandaise.


7. S’more-stuffed French toast

We’re big fans of the s’more (you might have come across these the s’more bar recipe we posted a while back) and there’s nothing better than stuffing them into a bit of french toast like this recipe.


8. Sticky lemon rolls with lemon cream cheese glaze

The real beauty with these bad boys is that you can make them in advance.


9. Baked eggs with spinach, meatballs and smoked paprika

Nothing better than brunch in one big pan, which is exactly what you get with these mouthwatering baked eggs.


10. Bloody Mary with mango and chilli

This is a really lovely, alternative take on the Bloody Mary with mango and chilli, giving it a really different flavour.


11. Chocolate waffles with ice cream

Sign us up for this right now please.


12. Bacon egg cups

Something completely different in terms of shape with these bacon egg cups.


13. Huevos Rancheros

Another Mexican dish that you’ve probably had when out, but never at home. There’s no better time to cook up these Huevos Rancheros than today.


14. Asparagus spaghetti with baked eggs

Very unusual and a must try is this asparagus spaghetti with baked eggs.


15. Baked quinoa cakes with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Err on the healthy side with this wonderful recipe for baked quinoa cakes.


16. Spring pea, bacon and white cheddar frittata

Looks like a pizza but it’s actually a gorgeous spring pea, bacon and white cheddar frittata.


17. Grilled cheese sandwich

This awesome and super fast to make grilled cheese sandwich brings all the wow.

Yes, I actually just said that.


18. Baked eggs with gruyere with prosciutto

These splendid baked eggs with gruyere and prosciutto are ready in minutes and will taste superb.


19. Butter pecan coffee cake

Why not finish with something sweet like this butter pecan coffee cake that will melt in the mouth.


20. Spinach cake

It’s not to be forgotten that brunch is for veggies too and this lovely spinach cake is a real treat.


21. French toast with hazelnuts and pears

This one just has the whole thing going on… French toast that is baked with hazelnuts and pears. Drool.


If the lure of these mouthwatering recipes hasn’t inspired you to cook something up this weekend, then check out our 18 Dublin Brunch Dishes You Need To Try and have somebody else cook for you.

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