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20th Dec 2016

7 Mouthwatering Bacon Recipes To Try This Weekend


Weekend mornings should be a time for indulgent breakfasts or brunches, which is exactly what you’ll find in this bacon-centric list. 

We thought we’d gather up some of the very best recipes that utilise the versatile foodstuff, from our own recipe section and from bloggers around the world, and share them with you for some inspiration. 


1. The Ultimate Brunch Burger: Free Range Chicken, Smoked Bacon, Avocado & Egg

Full recipe here.

Brunch Burger

2. The BALTE: Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato & Egg

Full recipe here.


3. Bacon, Spinach & Cheese Potato Cakes With Fried Egg & Ballmaloe Relish

Full recipe here.

Potato Cake

4. Avocado Fries Wrapped In Crispy Bacon

Full recipe here.

Avocado Fries

5. Mini Filet Mignons With Bacon & Blue Cheese

Full recipe here.

Mini Filet

6. Protein Packed Bacon & Red Pepper Omelette

Full recipe here.


7. Pretzel Bun Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Full recipe here.

Bacon Main

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