9 Poached Egg Recipes That Are Perfect For A Lazy Sunday Morning

All you need now is someone to make them...

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If you've followed our advice in the past, you already know how to make the perfect poached egg. While it's a thing of beauty in itself, it can be made even better.

Since it's the weekend, you've a bit more time to experiment with your breakfast/brunch/lunch, so we thought we'd put together some of the best poached egg recipes from top class food blogs from around the world.

Take a gander at the them below. These make for some good eatin'...

1. Classic Eggs Benedict

Full recipe here.


2. Eggs Sardou

Full recipe here.


3. Super healthy sweet potato cakes with poached eggs

Full recipe here.


4. Eggs Benedict burger

Full recipe here.


5. A poached egg on polenta with olive-herb pesto

Full recipe here.


6. The (somewhat) healthy fry-up

Full recipe here.

Fry Up

7. Black pudding, poached egg and soldiers

Full recipe here.


8. Eggs poached in olive oil with kale on avocado toast

Full recipe here.


9. Poached eggs in tomato sauce with chickpeas and feta

Full recipe here.


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