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The Ultimate Melty Gooey S'mores

  • Marietta biscuits (or other crispy biscuits, the Americans use Graham Crackers)
  • Chocolate (Try get a thin bar like Lindt, so it melts easier)
  • Marshmallows

Okay I'll be honest, I never ate a s'more before I made these... but I'm offically converted.

American desserts can be a bit bonkers, but the Americans are definitely on to something with s'mores. Crispy biscuit, melty chocolate and oozy marshallows... it's what food porn dreams are made of.

They're traditionally made on a BBQ, but if you don't have a BBQ just use a gas ring like I did. Easy.


Step 1

Three easy ingredients – you could get a flavoured chocolate like orange chocolate or salted caramel like I did for an extra kick.

Step 2

Get all your ingredients ready, this isn't really a step. You basically just need to break the chocolate into pieces.

Step 3

Squish a few marshmallows on a skewer.

Step 4

Get the pieces of chocolate ready on the biscuits.

Step 5

Melt your marshmallows over a BBQ or a gas ring.

Step 6

Squish the melted marshmallows onto the biscuits with the chocolate pieces on top.

Step 7

Top with another biscuit.

Step 8

Push the two biscuits together, the heat of the melted marshmallows will melt the chocolate.

Step 9

Dig in. Repeat.


I think this is my new favourite thing to eat, and no doubt it will be yours too if you give it a lash.

Written By

Emma Kenneally

Obsessed with all things food related, Emma is either thinking about food, talking about food, cooking food or eating food.