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20th Dec 2016

Crab Claws With Irish New Potatoes, Lime And Chilli


  • Cooked crab claws
  • Lime
  • New Potatoes
  • Dried Chilli
  • Basil
  • Red Onion
  • Green Beans
  • Garlic

Crab claws are one of those things you probably only eat when you’re out in some fancy restaurant. In reality, they are way easier than people think as you can buy them pre-cooked these days, making it a whole lot easier to make them into a decent meal to impress a mate.


Step 1

You’ll find the crab claws in most shops these days, even in the likes of Lidl. You can use fresh chilli but I think the flakes give it a much nicer kick.


Step 2

Lash on the little baby potatoes to boil, starting them in cold water.


Step 3

Slice up the onions and finely dice the garlic – garlic and crab claws are a dream combination.
If you can’t be arsed with all the other fancy stuff, just fry the bastards up with a little garlic and you’ll be laughing. Anyway onwards…


Step 4

Zest the lime on a grater, but only the green bits.


Step 5

You should have everything nicely prepped like this while the potatoes boil, because it will be ready in no time.


Step 6

Lash on a large frying pan or a wok onto a medium heat. Throw in a good bit of olive oil to get the whole thing going, then fuck in the garlic and chilli.


Step 7

Before they start to burn or even go slightly brown, throw in the crab claws. The little bastards will already be cooked and fully prepped so all the hard work is actually done for you!


Step 8

Toss in the line zest. The smells and flavours should be setting the house on fire (not literally hopefully)


Step 9

Lash in the red onions. They add great colour and a lovely sweet crunch to the overall dish


Step 10

Just before the potatoes are cooked, fuck the beans into the same water. They won’t take more than about 60 seconds to cook, and be strict about it because there’s nothing worse than soggy beans.


Step 11

Slice up the basil into thin pieces.


Step 12

Whip the potatoes out of the water, slice them in half whilst trying not to burning your little fingers.


Step 13

Throw the strained beans into the mix.


Step 14

Lash in the potatoes and lots of salt and pepper. So many home chefs forget to season correctly which is a shame. It will bring the whole dish to life.


Step 15

Squeeze in the juice of the limes. Make sure everything is coated in the gorgeous flavours evenly. Lash in the basil at the very very last minute, so as it stays nice and green


Step 16

Serve it all up immediately either on plates or if there is a big group of you just in the pan in the middle of the table. Absolutely de-fucking-lish.

Now life doesn’t really get much better than eating these with a big glass of chilled wine. This is restaurant standard cooking for a fraction of the price, and you get to impress your mates, family or partner. Get good Irish ingredients, throw the pinny on and give this a lash. You won’t regret it!