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Funky Low Carb Monkfish Stir Fry

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


  • Monkfish Tail
  • Mango
  • Baby Carrots
  • Red Chili
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Soy Sauce
  • Asparagus

Everybody wants to eat healthy but coming up with unique recipes that focus on clean eating and boy have we got a beauty for you today. As we always say here cooking fish is way easier than we all think it is and this is another near recipe to prove that. Lash a big wok onto a high heat, get some super fresh fish and give this a bash.


Step 1

The ingredients are pretty simple. Getting some super fresh monkfish is the key so grab it from your local fish monger. Ask them to trim it up for you.


Step 2

You could use regular carrots but the baby ones taste way better due to their bad ass sweetness. Chop the tails off and I didn't even bother peeling mine just a little clean under the tap and you are laughing.


Step 3

Slice the bastards up at an angle. The thinner the better.


Step 4

Grab the garlic cloves and peel the little fuckers.


Step 5

Chop the shit out of the garlic into small little pieces. Do the same with the chilli. If you like it hot leave the seeds in and if you are a bit of a big girl's blouse take them out.


Step 6

Peel a big knob of ginger (I'd love to know who came up with the name knob for ginger??)


Step 7

Slice the ginger into the thinnest slices you can manage.


Step 8

Top and tail the mango. Makes it easier to work with.


Step 9

Run your knife around the outside of the mango taking the skin off.


Step 10

There is a big awkward stone in the middle of a mango. Quite honestly it is a massive pain in the hole. You have to run your knife around the edge of the stone to get the flesh.


Step 11

Once you have all the flesh chop it all up into nice big thin slices.


Step 12

Grab the asparagus. Chop the bastards in half and keep the spears to one side. They look pretty.


Step 13

Chop the stalky bit of the asparagus into nice little rounds.


Step 14

So thats all your prep done. Bit of a pain in the arse I know but it takes fuck all time to cook.


Step 15

So the fish should be prepped for you. Monkfish is a sturdy fish with a super meaty texture so ideal for this sort of cooking.


Step 16

Slice it up into nice little thin pieces. Simples.


Step 17

Lash a bit of oil, pepper and salt onto the fish.


Step 18

Time to do a bit of cooking. The real beauty here is that it is all cooked in one pot so fuck all washing up! Lash the garlic, chilli, ginger and carrots into a bit of oil. Cook that for about 3-4 minutes but don't burn it!


Step 19

Once the carrots have softened up a little push them over to one side.


Step 20

Fuck the fish in and cook for about 90 seconds without even touching it once.


Step 21

Start tossing the whole thing around. You are working with a high heat here so don't let it burn and be ready to add the ingredients in quickly one at a time.


Step 22

Lash in a good glug of soy sauce.


Step 23

Once it starts steaming up lash in the mango.


Step 24

Finish it with the asparagus. They should be soft at this time of year so cook it for about a minute. Stir the whole thing up before seasoning with salt and pepper.


Step 25

Serve it up immediately and enjoy the lovely fresh taste. Only bleedin' gorgeous.


Thats it. Couldn’t really be much easier than that to cook some kick ass fish. What I love about this is the fresh, clean and light taste that the dish delivers. Because there are no carbs in here you will have to have a big portion so as you are not starving in a couple of hours time. Give this a lash, off the charts in terms of taste.


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