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20th Dec 2016

Crunchy Red Superfood Juice


  • 1 Punnit of raspberries
  • Some fresh watermelon
  • 1 Pomegranate

This is an unusual juice that brings together some super simple ingredients to create a fresh and healthy afternoon drink that tastes so good it should never be good for you. The real bonus us that with the little pomegranate seeds on top at the end it has an unusual crunch that you don’t normally get with a juice and that adds some lovely texture. Lash this together in less than 5 minutes and you have a healthy and actually quite filling snack in a glass!


Step 1

The real beauty here is that there are only 3 ingredients. The watermelon creates the sweetest base for this ever.


Step 2

Lash the punnit of raspberries in to the blender first. Couldn’t really get much easier than that in fairness!


Step 3

Use a large knife to chop the watermelon straight down the middle


Step 4

Place it on the chopping board. It will help if you had it in the fridge first as tat chills the drink down nicely for you.


Step 5

Run your knife around the outside of the watermelon to remove all the flesh.


Step 6

Chop it in to nice even sized pieces


Step 7

Lash all the watermelon in to the blender


Step 8

Blitz the shit out of it for about 2 minutes so as it is nice and silky smooth.


Step 9

Pour it in to a large glass.


Step 10

Grab the pomegranate and place it on the chopping board.


Step 11

Cut it in half to reveal all the seeds.


Step 12

Place it in a bowl as they can be seriously messy bastards to prepare.


Step 13

Use a spoon to scoop the seeds out in to the bowl. You’ll get the knack to it eventually and make sure to remove the little pieces of skin and sinew so as you are left with nothing but the seed.


Step 14

Pop the seeds up on top of the juice and serve it up immediately


You really don’t get much easier than that and the lovely sweetness of the watermelon matches the berries perfectly so when added to the lovely crunch you can a flavour explosion. It is so amazingly good for you that it would nearly be sinful for me to suggest that a little drop of vodka would turn this in to a perfect evening cocktail! Try it!