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20th Dec 2016

Rocket Fuel Epic Kale Juice


  • 1 Bag Of Fresh Kale
  • Couple Of Green Apples
  • Half A Cucumber
  • 1 Mango

You know the drill… It’s the end of the weekend and you have drunk yourself stupid and spent the last few days partying it up! You have the fear and you can’t work out if you are coming down with something or it is just general tiredness. Either way you need a serious boost to your immune system and this juice is where that is going to come from. The main source of that is going to come from the most Irish of ingredients…Kale. It is a super food and although you’ll be expecting this to taste like shit it actually tastes amazing.


Step 1

You’ll find the kale in most supermarkets these days as it starts to become even more trendy as a superfood. You won’t get a ton of juice out of it so the other stuff is there to bulk it out.


Step 2

Chop the cucumbers up. Not rocket science there really.


Step 3

Quarter the apples. Again you don’t need to be a professional chef to get this far.


Step 4

Place the mango on the chopping board and if you are a whizz with a knife go that route or if you are a bit worried go with a peeler instead.


Step 5

You’ll have a lovely peeled mango but there is a big awkward bastard of a stone in the middle to run the knife in around it to get the flesh off the mango.


Step 6

So that is all your fruit ready to go.


Step 7

Wash the kale under cold running water. This stuff is like fucking rocket fuel so lash loads of it in.


Step 8

Start with the apples going into your juicer.


Step 9

Lash in the mango and cucumber


Step 10

Finish it all off by forcing through the Kale. Give it a good push down to get all the juice out of it.


Step 11

You’ll have enough for a glass or two. Drink this immediately to get the best out of it.


Step 12

These juices are bright green which makes people think they are rotten but they are actually gorgeous. No chore to drink at all.


You are going to be seeing a ton more kale popping up in everyday cooking because the big chefs and cool restaurants are all over it these days. Make one of these bad boys for yourself a couple of times a week and you’ll be able to avoid colds all winter and get over hangovers much quicker. Epic kale. Do it.