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Healthy Recipes

20th Dec 2016

Grilled Chicken, Beetroot, Feta and New Potato Salad


  • Chicken Breasts
  • Packet Of Cooked Beetroot
  • New Potatoes
  • Handful Of Spinach
  • Feta Cheese

Cooking during the week is a massive pain in the hole right? You get home from work and through a mixture of tiredness and looking in the fridge to see the same boring ingredients you find yourself scratching your head. The biggest factor that holds us back is time which is why I’ve come up with this little classic healthy salad that is ready from start to finish in less than 20 minutes. For another mega tip simply double all the ingredients and save half the dish for your lunch in work the next day in a lunchbox. 2 Meals for the effort of one! Amazeballs.


Step 1

The real beauty about this recipe is that even though it is hard to believe there are only five ingredients.


Step 2

Lash on a big pot of boiling water. Full fucking blast on the heat


Step 3

Grab out your two chicken fillets. I was doubling up so as I had my lunch for the next day.


Step 4

Slice the chicken a thin as you can. The proper terminology for this is to butterfly but all you are trying to do is make it a little thinner.


Step 5

Spread a bit of olive oil and a good lashing of salt and pepper on the fucker


Step 6

When the water comes to boil lash in the spuds. Pick nice small ones cause they taste better and cook faster. Not fucking rocket science is it?


Step 7

This is what thing should look like now. Stick on the nice big cast iron griddle pan or a frying pan if you don’t have one.


Step 8

When it comes up to a nice temperature lash in the chicken breasts. Note that you don’t need any additional oil only what is already on the breasts


Step 9

While all that stuff cooks time to lash the salad together. This is a 2 minute job and the salad tastes like what rock stars would eat it is that good


Step 10

Bunch the spinach up in one hand so as it is easy to chop up


Step 11

Cut it into nice thin slices. This is for no other reason than making it look prettier


Step 12

Fuck it into a bowl


Step 13

Chop off a nice generous big piece of feta


Step 14

When the chicken is starting to cook about 50 % through it is time to turn it. Make sure you don’t turn it all the time or you won’t get the lovely grill marks on the chicken. In other words don’t be an impatient bastard.


Step 15

When it is flipped over it should look like this. Lovely grill marks and not overcooked.


Step 16

Take the potatoes out of the water once they are soft and you can easily insert a knife into the middle of them.


Step 17

Cut the bastards in half


Step 18

MIx them up with the spinach and the feta


Step 19

Lash in a little dribble of oil. Doesn’t need too much at all


Step 20

Chop up the beetroot. You want to put this in at the very end as it stains the shit out of everything.


Step 21

Lash all the salad together in a bowl and get ready to serve it up


Step 22

Serve it up with the grilled chicken breast and it will look as pretty as a picture. Save whatever is left over for lunch tomorrow and to impress all your co-workers


Doesn’t it all just look like something from the pages of a cook book? I sat there eating this last night thinking to myself that yep this is something I’m going to be eating on a more regular basis. The ingredients are simple and what I love the most is that there is a max of 2 pots to clean up so this really is the perfect weekday evening dish. Give it a lash.