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20th Dec 2016

Savage Low Carb Mexican Monkfish


  • Monkfish
  • Red chilli
  • Red onion
  • Tin of mixed beans
  • Coriander
  • Limes
  • Garlic
  • Avocado

Mexican food is all the rage these days especially when eating out, but when it comes to cooking at home most people don’t know where to start.

Forget about getting one of those “kits” in the shop, grab these simple ingredients and get ready for a savage feed! The best thing about this is that there are no carbs, so it makes the perfect post-workout or evening dinner. Get stuck in!


Step 1

The key is getting good fresh monkfish. Go to a fishmongers and tell them you only want the flesh, and ask them to trim it up for you.


Step 2

Start by chopping up a big handful of the coriander.


Step 3

Dice up the red chilies and red onions into small pieces.


Step 4

Do the same with the garlic. You’ll be using these for both elements in the dish, so once all this prep is done you are laughing.


Step 5

Pop a good pinch of each of the ingredients into a bowl – leaving the rest for the cooked part of the dish.


Step 6

Whip the stone out of the avocado after you peel it and chop it into little pieces.


Step 7

Throw the avocado into the mix and season it up with salt. The salt is key because it draws the flavour out of the avocado.


Step 8

Lash in a the juice of a couple of the limes.


Step 9

Mix it all up and and set it to one side.


Step 10

Throw on a large frying pan or even a wok on a medium heat. Throw in the garlic, chili, onion and some olive oil and start frying it up.


Step 11

It should take about 5 minutes to draw out the flavours without any colour.


Step 12

Next strain off all the liquid on the beans. Hopefully you’ll find a tin of mixed beans, but black beans or kidney beans work great here too.


Step 13

While the beans are cooking, pull out the monkfish. The fishmonger should have prepped it but if there are any imperfections trim them off.


Step 14

Slice it up into thin slices. The beauty of monkfish is that it is a strong flesh that holds up to cooking and doesn’t fall apart so it’s perfect for this dish!


Step 15

After the beans have cooked for about 5 minutes and are softening up, push them right over to one side and crank up the heat to a max.


Step 16

Lash in the monkfish and season it with a little salt.


Step 17

After about 2 minutes the monkfish will be getting nice and brown. Flip it over and cook for about a minute on the other side. Then lash in the remaining lime.


Step 18

Toss it all up and throw in a huge hand of coriander.


Step 19

Whip the pan off and it’s all ready to assemble now – that is as easy as it gets!


Step 20

Serve it up with the avocado mix piled high on top. If you don’t mind eating carbs you could serve it up with a few warm fajitas, but I love it nice and simple. Perfect post-workout food!It’s hard to believe how good this tastes and just how easy it is to throw together.

Step 21

I could eat Mexican food every single meal of the week, and with burritos at lunchtime and this in the evening it might just be the sensible thing to start doing.

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