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Healthy Recipes

20th Dec 2016

These 10 Healthy Muffin Recipes Will Revolutionise Your Meal Planning


Your average muffin is something that masquerades as a quick and easy option for breakfast or as a snack with a coffee but one that will inevitably give you two parting gifts: instant regret and the worst sugar crash of your life.

However, muffins are now creeping back as something a lot healthier if you’re willing to stock up on a few ingredients and set aside a bit time some evening to make a batch of them. Think fairycakes but savoury with more protein and flavour options.

In any of the recipes that use flour you can change that to a gluten free flour if needs be. The best thing about these is they freeze really well, so you can just grab them from the freezer when in a pinch for breakfast or lunch!

Sun-dried tomato, feta and spinach muffins


Gluten free baked falafel muffins


Savoury lentil muffins

DSC 8218

Paleo egg and chorizo muffins


Spicy garlic mozzarella muffins