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20th Dec 2016

11 Lazy Recipes That You’ll Be Able To Hack Even On A Monday Evening


Mondays can be tough and the first Monday of the year is the worst.

So we’ve compiled a list of piss-easy recipes that will take zero time this evening. Whether you’re stuck for dinner ideas or in need of a sugar fix to deal with the Christmas comedown, these recipes should see you right!

1. Gluten free one pot mac & cheese

Carb-load your Monday woes away with this one pot wonder and minimal washing up!


2. Nutella microwave mug cake

A chocolate cake filled with Nutella that takes less than 5 minutes? This is EVERYTHING.


3. Tortilla pizza

Take one flour tortilla wrap, any toppings you want and a frying pan – the result? Unbelieveable pizza.

20141013-tortilla-pizza-food-lab-16 1

4. 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies

I mean, we had you at peanut butter, didn’t we?


5. Parmesan hash brown cups

Little morsels of delicious potatoey goodness.


6. Polenta bake with feta, tomato and mushrooms

This dish is super filling and can be made all in one pot, plus it involves two different kinds of cheese – win win.


7. Avocado eggs

Breakfast is definitely the best meal of the day, but who says it can’t be enjoyed at dinner time?


8. 7 minute Spanish rice with chorizo

Packed with flavours, this recipe gives you a paella-style dish in no time.

spanishricechorizo julesstonesoup8

9. No bake double chocolate fudge

This healthy recipe is high in protein and tastes absolutely delish!


10. Smoked salmon, pea and creme fraiche risotto

This dish is insanely moreish, only make it if you’ve a gang to feed or else you’ll end up wolfing down the whole thing by yourself!

Screen-Shot-2014-12-01-at-11.38.31 1

11. Chocolate peanut butter bars

More peanut buttery goodness but this time they don’t even need to go in the oven – unbelievable scenes!


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