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Quick And Easy

20th Dec 2016

Clear The Fridge Out Pasta


  • 1 Packet Of Pasta
  • 1 Chorizo (Or Any Other Meat Really)
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Garlic
  • Chili
  • Parmesan Cheese

If you are like me you will often walk to the fridge and scratch your head at the weird ingredients in there that are all bits and bobs from previous recipes and that you have no fucking idea what to do with. You probably end up throwing a load of perfectly good stuff in the bin and it is with that in mind that I came up with this gorgeous pasta that uses up everything in the fridge. Have a look at the ingredients and I bet you any money you have a good collection of them there on the bottom shelf already. The best thing about the whole thing? Read in about 10 minutes or less! Lash a pot of boiling water on and give this a go. Epic.


Step 1

The ingredients are really simple and stuff that you have typically lying around the fridge. I use the fresh pasta because it is way faster.


Step 2

Chop the chorizo up in to nice sized pieces


Step 3

Put a pot of water on to boil at this stage. If you want to speed it all up fuck the kettle on


Step 4

So all the flavour is going to come from the garlic, chili and rosemary. Chop them all up as small as you can and if you want an extra kick live the seeds in the chili.


Step 5

Fuck in a good bit of oil in to a large pan and warm it up to a slow to medium heat. Don’s be shy with it as it’ll form the base of the sauce


Step 6

Lash in the chorizo and all the stuff you chopped up.


Step 7

Slowly cook it all. It’ll start smelling amazing at this stage and people will start appearing all around the house!


Step 8

While that is slowly cooking pick the stalks out of the parsley and start chopping it up with your knife.


Step 9

You want to get the parsley really fucking fine. Think like sand.


Step 10

Grate a fuck load of parmesan.


Step 11

At this stage the water should be coming to the boil and the sauce is nearly ready.


Step 12

Follow the instructions for cooking the pasta that are on the packet. If you can’t do that much there is no hope for you.Follow the instructions for cooking the pasta that are on the packet. If you can’t do that much there is no hope for you.


Step 13

You’ve done all the hard work now just keep them all moving in the pans.


Step 14

When the pasta is cooked fuck it straight in to the sauce. A bit of the cooking water can go in there to help with the sauce as well.


Step 15

Once the pasta is in fuck the parmesan and parsley in as well


Step 16

That is everything in there now all you need to do is start mixing it all up. Add in a bit of salt and pepper too at this stage.


Step 17

When it is fully mixed together that is it basically ready to serve.


Step 18

Pop it out on to the plate and serve it up immediately. Couldn’t really get much easier or tastier than that!


So you’ve made a delicious pasta dish in less than 10 minutes with all the shitty stuff at the bottom of your fridge. What more can you ask for than that! Mix it up a bit and fuck a couple of different types of meat in there or play around with the herbs. Once you get the hang of this you’ll treat it as one of your “go to” dishes. Takes absolutely fucking gorgeous!