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Emma's Juicy Summer Nectarine and Parma Ham Bruschetta

  • Good crusty bread
  • 1-2 ripe nectarines
  • 1 packet parma ham
  • Fresh basil
  • Olive oil

In this incredible weather we all want to eat something light, tasty and refreshing. These bruschettas are delicious and look much more impressive than the 2 minutes it takes to throw them together.  These are the perfect starter or snack to enjoy outdoors while the sun is still beating down.


Step 1

All you really need, oh and a bit of olive oil too!

Step 2

Cut up your crusty baguette, the fresher and crustier the better. Don't be a cheapskate with the bread or you will regret it.

Step 3

Drizzle the slices of baguette with a little bit of olive oil.

Step 4

Layer the bruschettas up with the parma ham.

Step 5

Slice up the nectarines.

Step 6

Lay the nectarine slices on top of the parma ham, and then top with a few fresh basil leaves.

Step 7

Ta-da! Enjoy....


This takes max two minutes to make and tastes unreal. It makes an amazing starter or if you have a tendency to be lazy like me, an easy dinner.

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Emma Kenneally

Obsessed with all things food related, Emma is either thinking about food, talking about food, cooking food or eating food.