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Quick And Easy

20th Dec 2016

Sexy Strawberry Fudge Eton Mess


  • Meringues
  • Cream
  • Strawberries
  • Fudge

If you have a sweet tooth this is the perfect dessert for you, it’s a fudgy twist on the classic Eton mess.

This is beyond easy to make, it only takes about 5 minutes to whip up but looks and tastes really impressive. The combination of sweet strawberries and soft, buttery fudge is just perfection.

It’s worth getting really good fudge and meringues as this dessert is so simple that better quality ingredients will make a big difference. Rock hard fudge and dry, cardboard-like meringue won’t get you anywhere.


Step 1

All you need is 4 simple ingredients.


Step 2

Slice up your strawberries into bite-size little pieces.


Step 3

Roughly crack the meringue into pieces and whip your cream.


Step 4

Roughly chop up your fudge into little pieces. Try not to start snacking on the fudge at this point like I did.


Step 5

Start layering up your cream, meringues, strawberries and fudge….


Step 6

… Keep layering until you reach the top.


Step 7

Ta-da! Dessert sorted.


It doesn’t get much easier (or tastier) than that. Feel free to experiment with whatever fruits, chocolates or nuts you want. This is one of the easiest and most versatile desserts out there.