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Quick And Easy

20th Dec 2016

The Ultimate Healthy And Quick Brunch Option


  • 1 Packet Of Smoked / BBQ / Roasted Salmon
  • Long Stem Broccoli
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Large Cucumber
  • 1 Small Tub Natural Yoghurt
  • Crusty Bread

When it comes to the weekend you are always stuck with the same old boring options. Sure you can go out and get brunch but you’ll end up paying a fucking fortune or you can cook your own weekend special but it usually involves half your precious day and a shit load of washing up. Most weekend dishes tend to be mega unhealthy as well which is why I’ve come up with this super little healthy classic that will be ready in less than 15 minutes, has hardly any ingredients and is full of goodness.


Step 1

The key here is to splash out a little on the salmon. Don’t be a cheap ass and try and get something half decent for once.


Step 2

The cucumber goes in to two different parts of the recipe. Start off by cutting off two thirds of it which we will use for the picked cucumber part.


Step 3

Using a peeler cut it in to long strips and place them on a flat tray or a plate.


Step 4

Give them a good seasoning with salt


Step 5

Fuck in a load of lemon juice. The salt and the lemon will pickle them and soften them up.


Step 6

Toss the salt and lemon through the cucumber using your hands. Make sure to wash them first though!


Step 7

Grab the remaining third of the cucumber to make the sauce with.


Step 8

Start off by peeling it completely.


Step 9

Cut it lengthways and use your knife to remove the seeds in the middle.


Step 10

Chop the remaining flesh up in to nice small even sized pieces.


Step 11

Lash them in to a bowl with a good amount of lemon juice.


Step 12

Fuck in the Yoghurt.


Step 13

Lash in a good amount of black pepper and mix it all up. That is the sauce done so set it to one side.


Step 14

Pour a good whack of olive oil over the broccoli. If they don’t have this fancy shit you could always use asparagus


Step 15

Pop them in to a griddle pan on a decent heat and toss them around ever so often. They’ll take about 5 minutes to cook.


Step 16

Cut the bread in half and lash it in to the toaster.


Step 17

Turn the broccoli every minute or so. You want it soft but not overcooked either. A nice crunch to it.


Step 18

This dish is all about the plating up to make it look nice. Start with the bread on the bottom of the plate.


Step 19

Lash on a good dollop of sauce on to each piece of bread.


Step 20

Place the hot broccoli on top next.


Step 21

Then lash on the salmon that you flake straight from the packet and the delicious pickled cucumber up on top. It should look just as pretty as mine so no pressure.


Doesn’t it just look absolutely fucking amazing? Tastes pretty good too and even though it looks like something you would get in a high end restaurant you can see just how achievable it is to make this at home. Brunch options that are healthy are few and far between so get one of these going, impress your mates and then sit back and enjoy the weekend knowing that you are more or less a professional chef now!