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Quick And Easy

20th Dec 2016

Try This Cracking Fancy Dinner Sausages Dish With Quail’s Eggs


  • Good quality sausages (big fat ones are the best)
  • New potatoes
  • Parsley
  • Watercress
  • Wild mushrooms (I used Girolles)
  • Red onion
  • Quail’s eggs (Normal eggs will do if you can’t find them)

We tend to think of sausages as a weekend breakfast in Ireland, but the truth is that they are so much more..

I wanted to do a super fancy little recipe that only takes about 20 minutes to cook, which relies on the very best of Irish ingredients.

This is the perfect dish if you are saving money but want to impress somebody during the week. Get stuck in!


Step 1

The magic ingredients here are the sausages, girolle mushrooms and the quail’s eggs. Try that little bit harder to get the best of quality as it will make all the difference.


Step 2

Lash the baby potatoes on to boil, they shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.


Step 3

Throw the sausages. The key here is to have them cooking at a nice slow and gentle pace. You want them golden brown on the outside so keep the temperature down.


Step 4

While the spuds and sausages are cooking, prep the mushrooms. Whatever you do make sure not to wash them as they’ll go all soggy. A little damp cloth is best to remove any dirt.
Slice up the red onion and then remove any of the thick stalks from the watercress. That’s all the major prep done.


Step 5

Chop the parsley up super fine, use a good handful as it offers a lovely flavour.


Step 6

When the sausages are cooked on all sides, turn the heat up and lash in the mushrooms and onions. Toss the pan or use a wooden spoon to make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom. Constantly keep it moving.


Step 7

Whip the potatoes out when they are soft through to the centre, use a small knife to check them.


Step 8

Cut the potatoes in half and pop them into the frying pan. They are already cooked so we just want to brown them up and get them to absorb all the lovely flavours.


Step 9

Throw in the watercress. It will only take about 20 seconds to wilt down, so toss everything around and whip the whole pan off the heat.


Step 10

At this stage fry the quail’s eggs. You’ll fry them in the exact same way as a normal egg but they’ll cook in no time whatsoever. A little oil and then some salt is all they’ll need with about 30 seconds on a medium heat.


Step 11

Finish the sausages and potatoes with a good handful of parsley.


Step 12

Pop the sausages and potatoes on the bottom and pop a couple of the quail’s eggs on. It really is this easy to cook amazing food. Who would have thought it?!


What you end up with is a dish that you could happily serve up in any restaurant and about €15 for. This is the perfect little meal to make for a couple of friends..

Now do you believe me that sausages can be so much more than just something we throw into a frying pan at the weekend? Get in my belly!