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Quick And Easy

20th Dec 2016

Weekend Pancakes For the Ladies


  • 1 Packet of streaky bacon
  • Self Raising Flour
  • 1 Spoon of baking powder
  • 3 Eggs
  • Fresh Berries (whatever you like but I think blueberry and strawberry work best)
  • Castor Sugar
  • Milk

I always sound sexist when I do recipes that are aimed for either men or women but this is hands down the perfect recipe for any women at the weekend. While men are all about big fry ups I’ve never not seen a woman’s face light up at the mention of pancakes. Throw in a some crispy American style bacon and some lightly stewed fruit and you have an all time classic. Women of the world you know what to demand this weekend and men get your frying pans and whisks ready…


Step 1

There are very few recipes the Americans have taken from the French and made better but I’m a huge fan of American style pancakes over more traditional crepes. You’ll have a lot of the ingredients at home. Make sure to get the thin streaky bacon.

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Step 2

Crack the eggs into the bowl. Pretty fucking easy that part!

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Step 3

Spoonful of baking powder in with them

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Step 4

Lash in a good bit of flour. Just use your eye on this one and put in what feels about 2 cups worth. You don’t have to be exact with pancakes.

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Step 5

Lash in a good bit of sugar. about half a cup

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Step 6

Nice little swig of milk. Say about quarter of a pint.

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Step 7

Now the reason why I’m so vague with the amounts is that you can adjust it. Start whisking it together with either a whisk or a fork

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Step 8

Make sure it is super smooth and you have all the lumps out of it. That is the key to this whole thing. Don’t be a lazy bastard and whisk it for ages.

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Step 9

Now the consistency you are looking for is like a thick soup. Even like a smoothie. If it is too thin lash in some more flour. If it is too thick add more milk.

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Step 10

Now set the mixture to one side and start cooking the bacon. Nice frying pan on a low to medium heat.

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Step 11

Place it in the pan. You don’t need any oil or anything like that. The fat will come out of the bacon naturally

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Step 12

Flip the bacon every couple of minutes

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Step 13

It will start to get crispy but don’t rush this process.

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Step 14

When it is done whip it out of the pan and lash it on to some paper towel

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Step 15

Next up are the pancakes. A good non stick pan and a little bit of vegetable oil are your friends at this stage

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Step 16

They’ll take about 45 seconds on each side and they’ll start puffing up straight away.

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Step 17

Flip them over and then move on to the next batch.

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Step 18

Lash the bacon and the pancakes into and oven proof dish and pop them into a low oven to keep them warm while you make the compote

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Step 19

In the same pan as the bacon lash in the strawberries. You won’t need any oil.

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Step 20

Fuck the blueberries in as well

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Step 21

Good big sprinkle of sugar in with them as well.

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Step 22

Nice medium heat and this will only take about 60 seconds. All you are doing is warming them up and softening them slightly

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Step 23

Plating it up is the key to making this all look nice. Start off with piling up the pancakes.

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Step 24

Crispy bacon up on top of the pancakes.

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Step 25

Place the berries on top and around the side and if you fancy an extra treat add some honey or maple syrup. BOOM. Delish

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Look at the picture at the top. How could you not want to whip that up right now? There are only 8 ingredients in the entire dish and if you get your shit together you can have this ready in about 20 minutes. Why go out and pay a fortune for brunch this weekend when you can make this yourself. Absolutely fucking gorgeous.