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20th Dec 2016

Epic Sage And Apricot Sausage Rolls


  • 1 packet of Superquinn sausages
  • 1 packet of apricots
  • 1 packet of sage
  • 1 packet of puff pastry
  • Fiery tomato ketchup
  • Ballymaloe relish
  • 1 egg

Ask someone from outside Ireland what we’re famous for in terms of food and they’d probably list off the typical stuff like smoked salmon, potatoes, or Guinness.

But in my mind, one of the best Irish treats is the sausage roll. Humble, but so damn good. So I thought I’d share this epic sausage roll recipe, which makes for the perfect hearty snack as the weather gets colder.


Step 1

The ingredients are all simple enough and although you could use any sausages, Superquinn ones are ideal.


Step 2

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to spend a little extra on the puff pastry. The stuff made out of real butter is where it’s at!


Step 3

Pop the sausage meat out of their little casings. Just use your hands to do this, but make sure they’re nice and clean!


Step 4

Mix it all up and throw in a little salt and pepper.


Step 5

Chop up the sage nice and fine.


Step 6

Chop the apricots into nice thin strips. These are going to taste amazing and sweet.


Step 7

Lash them all in with the sausages


Step 8

Stir the whole thing well so it’s all combined nicely.


Step 9

When the puff pastry has softened up a bit, lay it out flat. Beat an egg up in a bowl and have it by your side.


Step 10

Chop the pastry in half, although they won’t all be the same shape.


Step 11

Lash a nice big strip of sausage down the middle. Again use your hands for this, as long as they’re clean.


Step 12

Brush a little egg onto one side of the pastry.


Step 13

Roll it up like a big cigar.


Step 14

Pinch in the sides.


Step 15

It should be about twice the size of a normal sausage. These bad boys are really starting to take shape.


Step 16

It should be about twice the size as a normal sausage. These bad boys are really starting to take shape.


Step 17

They should both look like this.


Step 18

Chop them into whatever portion size you want. Doesn’t really matter in terms of cooking time or anything like that. Do what you think looks best.


Step 19

Throw them onto a tray with some dusted flour.


Step 20

Now if you had a pastry brush like me just use a fork or brush a little on with your hands. Pop them into the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes, until they’re golden brown.


Step 21

Throw the relish into a bowl.


Step 22

Lash in the spicy ketchup. If you dont have the spicy one, throw in a couple of chilli flakes instead.


Step 23

Stir it up.


Step 24

Serve them up piping hot with loads of the sauce. This is nice casual dining at its best.


These are perfect for a quick snack in the evening, or for your dinner with a few chips. I hate the way sausage rolls have been destroyed by deli counters and cheap pastry, but with just seven simple ingredients and a bit of love, you can make these beauties.

Give them a lash this evening.