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08th Dec 2022

WATCH: James Kavanagh puts the all-new Philadelphia Intense to the test

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This simple everyday ingredient will change your go-to lunch for the better.

Getting tired of your go-to dinners? Philadelphia has just launched a tasty new ingredient that will give your everyday meals a new lease of life.

Philadelphia Intense is an all-new range of – you guessed it – intensely flavoured cream cheeses, delivering a powerful taste experience with each and every meal.

The new product has been created to help you enjoy some intense moments in the kitchen, with two delicious flavours to choose from – Garlic & Herb and Herbes de Provence.

This tasty spread is sure to become a new key ingredient in all your favourite recipes, thanks to its easy-to-spread consistency and deep flavours.

Both have a whipped and aerated texture, making the product so easy to spread and enjoy. Whether it’s part of a quick bagel breakfast, a tasty sandwich or a key ingredient in a delicious homemade sauce, it’s a super simple way to add an extra kick to your cooking.

The new ingredient is also sure to add an explosion of flavours to any meals you’re prepping at home, bringing all your go-to recipes to the next level.

James Kavanagh recently put the new ingredient to the test, creating a simple and very intense dish using Philadelphia Intense.

Check it out below…

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Find Philadelphia Intense in supermarkets nationwide.