Bottega Toffoli

34 Castle St,

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Hidden Behind Dublin Castle Is A Tiny Pizzeria That You'll Never Want To Leave

Dublin is small – fact. The lovely thing about that is you know when something new pops up, sticking out like a freshly manicured thumb, but on the other hand it's rare that you "discover" a new place in the city – somewhere you feel almost sure only you know about.  Tucked away at the back of Dublin Castle on a cobblestone street however, is a tiny restaurant that's been quietly here since 2005 and feels like a secret pizzeria you stumble upon while on holiday in Bologna or another glorious food city in Italy. I've written briefly about Bottega Toffoli before, but a spot this good deserved a second visit and I was even more impressed this time around.  Ran by a two-person team (Carlo cooks, Elaine's front of house), you won't find any white linen napkins here or swanky sommeliers swanning around…