Brasserie Le Pont

26 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin

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Great Food Shame It Belonged To Somebody Else - Le Pont Brasserie

Most of us probably eat in a restaurant about once a week on average. Despite doing so we don't really have a fucking clue how the industry works and what happens in a kitchen. You probably imagine a kitchen as something of a mix between Jamie Oliver lightly tossing salad leaves, Gordon Ramsay rollicking an employee and Nigella Lawson doing coke off a work surface. Today I wanted to take you inside a kitchen and show what a fine tuned machine it is and how one tiny slip can wreck an entire lunch service for 100 people. Myself and my business partner Emma had a quick lunch to celebrate a couple of recent wins and trotted down the stairs of Le Pont brasserie and entered what was a surprisingly luxurious dining room…