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There are two main things that drag people in. One is the window full of cakes. They all look stunning but never quite deliver on their amazing promise. The second is the good looking staff. The oldest trick in the book. I don’t know who does the hiring but I’d love to sit in on an interview because they literally only hire seriously good looking guys and girls. Oh there is a third reason as well and that is the big fuck off comfortable chairs and free wifi. It’s the perfect place to spend a couple of hours working. I do nearly every day. The place is buzzing with tunes at just the right level and great coffee.

So the food and all that other stuff is kinda hit and miss. Sometimes it’s amazing and to die for while other times it just about hits the mark. I’ve never had a horrible meal apart from the occasional dessert which can taste like ass but by in large it is good. A couple of things like the “Superfood salad” up above is awesome and they do some decent soups and stews without ever taking your breath away. It’s massively busy at all times of the day which along with the random table settings can make getting served a bit of a head fuck. That and the fact that when the staff get hired on looks I’m guessing they don’t attend a Swiss Hotel school for training.
Cinnamon Ranelagh - So Fucking Cool They Don't Even Have A Website

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