Eden Bar & Grill

7 William Street South, Dublin

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Eden Slots In To The Hipster Triangle Beautifully

South William Street in Dublin is without doubt the hippest street in the city. It's a short enough stretch but has everything from tattoo parlours, hip bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, fancy restaurants, cool urban cafes, boutiques and even a couple of sex shops thrown in. On a summer's day you could be in any cool modern European city and the only thing that I think could improve it would be pedestrianising the whole thing. Look at the crowd outside Grogans or the Pyg on a Friday and imagine how much of a draw for the city it would be without cars knocking around, people walking around freely and a couple of street performers. The people that run the city are too fuck witted to ever do anything that smart but it's the sort of thinking out city needs to make it even better…