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Walking into Fire itself is a lovely experience. There’s a long path passing the Lord Mayor’s garden that leads you through a corridor where you’ll reach the host. We had arrived early, but rather than waiting in a crowded entryway we were immediately escorted to a seat in lounge, offered the drinks menu, and given a very large bowl of salty, buttery popcorn to snack on while we waited for our table. The drinks menu is extremely impressive. They have every drink under the sun, including non-alcoholic cocktails and even their own house made draught beer. The lounge itself was nice, perhaps a bit dated in its decor but nothing offensive to the eyes. Being that we were there on a Tuesday night it was quiet, but our cocktails were lovely and it was definitely not a bad way to start a meal. After about 30 minutes in the lounge, it was time to begin the real Fire experience. Fire’s website claims it has the most historical and impressive dining room in Dublin, and you can see why upon entry.

It’s absolutely HUGE, with beautiful vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, lots of interesting art scattered about.

Ultimately, though I did truly enjoy the food, I think that Fire’s event hosting capabilities are what it is best suited for. I would love to attend an event or a meeting here! It’s a beautiful setting and could be a great alternative to a stale mid-week boardroom meeting. Despite my opinion that it’s more befitted for business, I would happily go back. I don’t think anyone would leave this place without being fully satisfied with the quality of the food and the delightful service.

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