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Forest Avenue

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Forest Avenue in Dublin is the latest Dublin restaurant to challenge our expectations and deliver something new and magical to the Dublin restaurant scene. Luckily what we were presented with was so far from the norm that I was transported into another world. The closest thing I could compare it to was the maker of the iPhone… Apple. This was beautiful design. A dining room that had the softness and precision of an Apple retail store. Incredible innovative food. We started with filtered coffee (thankfully back on trend after an absence of 2 decades) and some freshly piped choux buns. This was a tasting brunch menu which is a concept that if you’d pitched me that morning I’d have thought it ludicrous. It turns out that this is the only way to eat brunch though with one important caveat. You need to have zero hangover. This isn’t the sort of food that is full of grease and that soaks up alcohol. You’d actually struggle with the cutlery, waiting times and general precision of the food with a hangover. Come here sober and with a clear head to fully appreciate it all.

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