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Way before burritos, doughnuts or the Celtic Tiger with all its excess, there was a restaurant with loyal customers and it’s truly stood the test of time… Gerry’s. It can best be described as a ‘caf’ (preferably spoken in an Eastenders-style accent). I don’t say that with any negative connotations, because I’m incredibly fond of the place and just like hundreds of others, I eat there on a regular basis. What’s great about Gerry’s is that they serve a ‘feed’ in here, a proper meal that really fills you up after a hard day’s work, when you’re hungover, or you’re just plain starving. It’s tucked away on Montague Lane, which runs between Harcourt Street and Camden Street (you’ll probably know it from either staggering through it in your search for Copper’s on a night out, visiting one of the dodgy casinos, or getting the shift propped up against one of the parked cars). If Gerry’s is known for one thing though, it’s the fry up. It has cured thousands of people over the years. It’s absolutely massive, comes with loads of toast, a big pot of tea or coffee, and it’s only €7.50. You’ll see plenty of people even having it for a lunch treat Out of all the reviews I’ve ever written, this is the one I’m happiest about. To Gerry, a proper Dublin foodie who deserves a huge spread in every magazine, newspaper and publication in the country. #Legend. https://www.instagram.com/p/BocLDN6n51O/  

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