Glovers Alley

128 St Stephen's Green,

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Glovers Alley Is The Hottest Restaurant In Dublin – And It Hasn't Even Opened Yet

As I step out of the service lift into a kitchen on the first floor of the Fitzwilliam Hotel, stainless steel and a coffee machine aren't exactly what I expected my first peek of this restaurant to be. When I’m led out of the kitchen and onto the restaurant floor however, I’m grateful for the suspense-filled glance at what is arguably Dublin’s hottest restaurant right now – despite its opening date still one week away. I've seen the photos on social media and sneak peek teaser videos of the interior, but the real thing is even more impressive. I’m at Glovers Alley, the newest restaurant in town that’s already fully booked for its first night and has been the main topic of conversation among Dublin foodies all month. It’s where the v swanky Thornton’s once was, and it's had a millennial makeover…