Hang Dai

20 Camden Street Lower,

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Does Dublin's 'Coolest' New Restaurant Live Up To The Hype?

For the last few decades, getting 'a Chinese' was a saying that the vast majority of Irish people would be familiar with.  In many parts of the country, the food from the local Chinese is still thought of as a bit of a delicacy and something foreign. The fact that it could involve dishes like omelette and chips or a spice bag, which are about as far removed from Chinese cooking as Donald Trump is from reality, has never really bothered us.  There are some exceptions (Sichuan in Sandyford and the recent arrivals around Parnell Street, for example) but, for the most part, Chinese food in Ireland is brutal and too often served in plastic containers made up of 90% raw sliced onions in sticky gloopy sauce.  So, when Hang Dai hit the Dublin restaurant scene with a bang in November, it's safe to say that it didn't fit the mould…