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Hatch and Sons

January. Who in the name of fuck came up with the idea of putting the worst possible month after the happiest and most joyous time of the year? Why not wedge January into the middle of July and August where it would be more palatable and start the year of with March instead. You'd have Paddies Day, Easter Eggs and a awesome sport to ease you into the new year. Given that nobody seems likely to change this ridiculous calendar sequencing we are stuck with January the coldest, wettest, stormiest and most miserable month of the year where we not only happen to all be broke, fat and unhealthy but are also expected to "change our lives" and adopt ridiculous new resolutions that nobody in the history of the world has ever stuck to. I'll stop a lot of things I said to myself as I walked into town but I'm not going to stop eating good food…

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