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Le Bon Crubeen

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Le Bon Crubeen, by that standard, is the perfect restaurant from pre-theatre dining. Located on Talbot Street just a few minutes’ walk from both the Abbey and Gate Theatres, Le Bon Crubeen bills itself as a great place for a pre-theatre meal at a good price – and on that promise at least, it delivers. For my first course, I opted for the menu’s most creative-looking item, crab crème brulee. Paired with a melba toast and served far chunkier than your average crème, it felt more like a fish-flavoured hummus than a crème brulee. Le Bon Crubeen may not cater to the hip young foodie set, but it deserves its large following of people who like good, inexpensive, and classic food. As advertised, it does seem the perfect option for a nice dinner before catching a show at the Abbey Theatre. Just be sure to arrive early enough to beat the 6 PM rush – and, given the portion sizes in this place, maybe skip lunch.  

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