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Listons Deli and Foodstore

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It’s funny how the places you go the most often you forget to mention when people are looking for recommendations. I’ve been going to this deli for years for lunch and for picking up fancy treats like gooey cheeses, cured meats, olives, sauces… The list goes on. I assumed everyone in Dublin was already well acquainted with this deli, but in fact, a lot of people still haven’t been here. Liston’s of Camden Street is probably the best deli in Dublin, and when I used to work on Harcourt Street I would go here all the time. It’s always jam-packed at lunchtime as workers from all the nearby companies pile in to get an incredible lunch to take away. Their take-away lunch menu is really extensive and really healthy too. You can choose from soups, hot pots, salads, wraps, sandwiches, quiches, sausages rolls… I could go on Their sandwiches are also incredible, they use only the best, fresh bread everyday which I think is absolutely essential for any decent lunch spot. The meats are delicious, I love getting their roasted ham with brie cheese, relish and lots of salad. They also have different specials every day of everything on offer, so it’s not often you’ll get bored with their menu. You can check out their daily lunch menu here. Their chocolate biscuit cake is another thing you simply have to try when you’re there, don’t blame me if you get addicted to the stuff!

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