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The best pizza in Dublin by a country mile is Manifesto in Rathmines and ironically I discovered it in the comments of that last review when a bunch of people suggested it as competition for the title of the capital’s best pizza. I got it wrong and fucked up but sure it’s my blog and I’ll change my mind as often as I want to! As I sat down at the table there were six Italians beside us presumably talking about bunga bunga parties, where to buy new designer sunglasses and the shit food that the local Irish peasants have to eat. They were all lashing into Pizza and red wine so the signs were pretty good that my theory would hold up.

It’s an art. Just like pouring a good pint of Guinness and some people do it way better than others. People have been begging me to review this place for months and now I know why. Oozing flavour. Crispy and doughy with lots of classic toppings finished with a deep rich tomato sauce and quick friendly Italian service you just won’t get a better Pizza in Dublin. We headed off in to the night with the Italians beside us ranting and raving about Roberto Baggio as they sipped on their tiny delicious expressos flicking their hair around and we could easily have been in Napoli. This is the real deal so check it out.
Dublins's Best Pizza - Manifesto Rathmines

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208 Rathmines Road Lower

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Mon - Sun 17:00 - 23:00

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