Matt The Thresher

32 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin

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Matt The Thresher - Is This The Best Fish In Dublin? Lets Hope Not

We live on an island. A tiny little island that if you go West borders a massive and incredibly deep Ocean that is full to the brim of fish. Even taking into account the thieving Spanish bastards and their dodgy trawlers or the supertankers producing shitty Donegal catch and tins of John West tuna there should be enough fish to feed the few million of us on our little island. Why is it then that despite all those vast resources Irish restaurants (and supermarkets) serve us up such a broad selection of below average shite? I don't believe the overfishing malarky either. Sure it might be hard to get a thick piece of chunky Cod these days but mussels, Oysters, mackerel or Hake shouldn't be hard to come by…