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Mr. Fox

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Mr Fox is in a basement on the unfashionable (for restaurants) Parnell Square and also pitches itself as a fine dining restaurant. The room is as big, bright and welcoming as you could imagine for a basement restaurant with sunlight pouring in from all angles and good lighting. We were one of only three tables here for a lunch though, which should be a time when a restaurant is packed to the gills, especially for the new kid on the block.
Mains were some wonderful gnocchi which was the perfect portion size and beautifully executed unlike some of the heavy mush you get served in other places. A cod dish was light, tasty and exactly what I was craving. Some baby carrots with spicy oil were a perfect side dish. The whole meal for me though was all about the desserts. The pastry chef clearly had a hankering for a bygone era with a wonderful iceberger served simply wrapped in parchment paper and wonderfully branded. My chocolate dessert was a delight with all sorts of flavours and textures but half way through eating that dish a surprise appeared… two Walnut Whips. They tasted exactly like the snack that I used to enjoy in my younger days and trying them brought me a sense of wonder and magic. Mr Fox is good. Very good. I just hope enough people visit to make it a success. I really do.

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