Patrick Guilbaud

21 Merrion Street Upper, Dublin

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Restaurant Patrick Guildbauld - Faultless But Boring Enough

When I started catering college at 17 I got bored pretty quickly. They basically give you a full 3 hours to make a pot of soup for 4 fake customers and teach you theory about salmonella, Ecoli and other irrelevant shit like that. I wanted to learn and get to the top fast so I decided to find one of the 3 best restaurants in Dublin and get a job there in the evenings. At the time those restaurants were Thorntons, Patrick Guildbaud and Peacock Alley. First stop was Thorntons and I met Kevin Thornton while outside reading his menu and he told me he'd love to have me but was full and sent me off to Guildbaud telling me to avoid Conrad Gallagher in Peacock Alley at all costs…