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Paulie’s Pizza

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Paulie's is by far the best pizza in Dublin. The place is tiny with tables wedged in beside each other. Very buzzy with hardly any Irish folk and plenty of tech heads spilling out from the local Google and Facebook offices. You could walk in here and easily think you were in Madrid, Rome or Cannes. Until you walk outside into the pissing rain that is. There are actually a bunch of different pizzas that are broken in to either Italian or New York style. The toppings are simple enough without having to go over the top to entice you in. Standard stuff like artichokes, parma ham, rocket etc. They have nice starters but I always find that having a starter with a pizza makes you way too full and the portions here are more than generous. The other wow factor is that you can see your pizza being made and because the oven is so hot it can be ready in a couple of minutes depending on how busy the place is. They also have a bunch of good wines and some craft beers which work well for the slightly hipster crowd who would turn their nose up these days at a Carlsberg or Heineken.

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