Pearl Brasserie

20 Merrion Street Upper, Dublin

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The IMF, Robbie Williams And Conrad Gallagher - The Story Of Pearl Brasserie

I wanted to treat a client who has been really good to us since we started our business to a nice long leisurely lunch and kill two birds with one stone by doing a review at the same time. Having eaten in most of the best places for this blog over the last year the best I could come up with was Pearl Brasserie. It's a basement restaurant that has a special place in my heart because i got my break there as a chef under it's previous name of lloyds Brasserie. I was 21 when the infamous Conrad Gallagher handed me the keys and sent me down to run the place. The first job he gave me was to go and sack the previous chef and I nearly shat myself walking down as a kid who could cook but hadn't a clue about running a business…