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Five Places To Go For Dinner In Dublin Tonight That We Absolutely Love

Pasta or lobster roll, Italian wine or Irish gin: whatevs takes your fancy for dinner tonight you're sure to find somewhere in Dublin that will sort you out.  Not sure where to head? Well then, that's why we've put together a little list of five our of fave places we've reviewed. Consider us the magical Sitar of dining: we only tell the truth.  Here's five restaurants that we've really, REALLY, loved: Piglet: Here's Where You'll Find One Of The Best Pasta Dishes In Dublin "Piglet, easily one of the city's cutest wine bars, is the results of a makeover of where La Dolce Vita wine bar used to be - a spot I would go to on the reg to sip on Aperol Spritzes and pretend I spoke Italian.  "Bigger plates we pounced on were one of the evening special's, a fresh crab pasta in a creamy tomato sauce and spring onions, and a Cacio e Pepe, my 'deathrow meal': a simple pasta of Pecorino Romano cheese and cracked black pepper…