Rock Lobster

Dundrum Town Centre, Sandyford Road, Dublin

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The Best (And Cheapest) Lobster In Dublin

So I got in trouble before Christmas for slamming the North side of Dublin and their shit restaurants so I decided to do the only thing that would appease people this week would be to go to a Dublin 4 Lobster restaurant. I considered it a treat since I have to navigate the North side to get to the airport this week and if I'm going to get stabbed I might as well have a decent meal before doing doing so. All joking aside I'm actually going to do a review from North of the river next week given that losing half of the already tiny audience of this blog in the early days by pissing them off is probably not a good idea and there are a few Michelin stars floating around over there. Also I'll be taking the port tunnel to the airport so don't worry about me too much. So I'm on the dreaded January health buzz but since I write this blog I've convinced myself one decadent meal a week is still grand…

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