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Hopping on to the growing seafood trend in Dublin, SOLE is changing the shack-style scene in the city by bringing a touch of luxury in everything it does

Richie tells me of his idea for the restaurant. Why go the high end route? “There’s a huge need for a seafood restaurant like this in the city,” he says. “There’s a growing trend within Dublin for more seafood, and a lot of those restaurants are the more simplistic approach and it’s a very cool approach – one that I’m a huge fan of. “What we’re after is something slightly more higher end: looking for more upmarket ingredients.”

SOLE is designed to be the kind of restaurant where you rock up at 8pm and aren’t out the door until hours later, happy and full of good vibes and even better food.

“We don’t want it to just be drop in and drop out,” Riche says. “A lot of restaurants in town right now are a little bit quicker, and maybe that’s keeping up with the fast pace of life, but when you step into say, Howth, the restaurants there are a little more relaxed – a little slower – and we’re trying to bring more of that into the city centre.” https://www.instagram.com/p/BssgTMqgi0t/  

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