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The Green Bench Cafe

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I feel in love with the Green Bench Cafe when I walked into it. The picture at the very top was the scene that greeted me. 11.55 is about the worst time you can enter a kitchen because panic is setting in among the chefs and with the Green benchbeing an open kitchen I was able to stand back and have a laugh and pat myself on the back for getting out of the cheffing game. The last thing you want is some fucker standing there asking for 8 chicken sambos 2 minutes after you checked the chooks and they are still half raw in the oven. Nowhere to hide and all that. “10 Fucking chickens will never be enough get more on” roared the chef to some poor lad upstairs. Luckily the chickens weren’t raw and all the ingredients scattered out on the bench in front of me in organized chaos looked stunning. Whole roast chickens for their sandwiches!! Wow.

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