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The Old Spot

The Old Spot on Bath avenue is the brainchild of the brothers behind Juniors and Paulie’s and they’ve teamed up the lads from The Bath down the road. They more or less own the entire road now and are clearly tapping into all the young professionals from Google and other tech companies living nearby.

It's a gastropub. Not just a pub that has hired a chef, dickied up the menu and lashed a few craft beers behind the bar but a proper Gastro pub. The place has been kitted out beautifully and couldn’t be much different from the old pub that used to be here which was a relic of a bygone era with lads smelling of dirty underwear sipping pints at chasers from 11 in the morning. There is plenty of drink served here but it is all about the food. When I arrived I heard they’d gotten the chef from the Butcher’s Grill so I knew it would be good without even tasting anything.


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