The Tap House

60 Ranelagh Road, Ranelagh

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Witness The Re-Birth Of The Irish Pub - Taphouse Ranelagh

Remember when the days of going to a pub in Dublin were about getting pissed and having the craic? That was before the word craic got replaced with having the LOLs and prinking became the norm. You'd take a 50 out of the drink link, get 8 pints, a pack of smokes, couple of bags of Tayto and a brilliant night of entertainment. The world was such an uncomplicated place back then before the smoking ban, drink driving and economic meltdown more or less destroyed the pub trade overnight. There are still pockets of pubs that do brilliantly (Between the 2 canals in Dublin for example) but the vast majority have fallen on seriously hard times. They did rake it in during the boom and you can't blame them for overcharging when most places you walked into had people 4 deep at the bar waving 50s in the air like cheerleader pompoms looking for champagne mojitos…