13 Wexford Street, Dublin

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North Side And South Side Level On Sushi Stakes - Zakura

Very little good stuff originates in the North Side of Dublin and is then imported to the South side. At best you could argue that the airport is a useful addition to the city although even taking the M50 means peering into the squalor that is Ballymun. The Eircoach is another example and I always think about a trip on it in the same way an American General would steering a column of tanks through the mountains in Afghanistan. A tricky, nervy journey through inhospitable territory with hostile locals waiting to pounce should you take one step outside the sanctuary of your big Wifi enabled blue tank. In fairness to the DAA they've done a great job of putting up barbed wire, having armed police and bringing some southside touches to the place like Diep and Butlers chocolates of late…