Cake For The Sophisticates Of Dublin

By emmakenneally

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Dublin has many nice cafes, selling many delicious types of cake.  However, if there is a place in Dublin selling more beautiful, delicious, unique little works of art than the Wildflour Bakery, I would like to know about it! I first came across the Wildflour Bakery when I stumbled  upon their Facebook page almost two years ago, at the time the closest place to buy the cakes was at the Glasnevin Farmer's Market which was a tad inconvenient for me. Alas, after weeks of scrolling across their delights on Facebook when I should have been working, my friend and I headed over to the market one weekend to try some stuff out. In the end we went for  Tonka Bean and Chocolate cakes and Vanilla, Pear and Smoke cakes... No we didn't know what they were either, but they tasted incredible!

Kate Packwood is the culinary genius behind the Wildflour Bakery, and the only negative point at all was that her cakes were so far out of the city centre, it was quite hard for me to get my greedy little mitts on them. Thankfully she is now supplying many little cafes in the city so you now have no excuse not to go crazy on a cake eating bender at a time convenient to you. I went to Roasted Brown cafe in Temple Bar at the weekend where she supplies cakes and bought two amazing little numbers there- a Pistachio, Raspberry & Rose cake and also a Hendricks Gin, Rhubarb and Rose cake. They were incredible and despite being a nice small little size they were really filling, I think they might have been made with almond flour as they were so rich and moist. The great think about her cakes is that they aren't super sweet which most cakes are, they have really distinct flavours but they come through in a really subtle way. Instead of being overpowered by sugary sweetness you get little kicks of Hendricks gin, rhubarb etc. Don't take my word for it though, go out and try these yourselves!

Wildflour Bakery supplies: Honest2Goodness Farmer's Market, Roasted Brown Temple Bar, BOSS HOGG Coffee Bar, Two Beans, Base Wood Fired Pizza Ballsbridge and Grove Road cafe. I enjoyed mine in Roasted Brown upstairs in the Filmbase where you can lounge out on a couch with some top notch coffee or amazing Wall & Keogh tea blends, from here you also have a prime view of the Maser street art piece we profiled last week.