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20th Dec 2016

Calling Cake Lovers of Dublin


There’s not many people out there who don’t love cake (and if you don’t love cake, you’re weird). Nothing makes me happier than sitting down with a delicious slice of cake and really good cup of cha. The only problem is there are so many places serving up crappy, tasteless excuses for cake that it’s hard to know where to blow your calorie intake for the day. Well don’t worry, I’m coming to your rescue. In the interest of all Dubliners, I plan on finding the best spots in the city to go and meet someone for a tea or coffee, and obviously some cake. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Birdcage 1


birdcage 6

First on my list is the Birdcage Bakery in Portobello, it’s a quiet little hidden gem despite being literally just around the corner from some of the biggest companies on Harcourt Street. This charming little place is run by Italians and they seriously don’t mess around. It’s hard to believe how they can have the time to make so many beautiful different types of cakes every day despite being such a small business, yet every day the bakery is brimming with treats that not only taste great but look incredible.

birdcage 4

The handy thing about this place is all the amazing cakes are a nice little size so you could go there frequently enough without feeling too guilty. They also make their own chocolate bark, macaroons and homemade ferrero rocher! Their coffee is great and their tea is incredible, they source it all from Clement and Pekoe and everything is loose leaf (even if it’s just a take away).


birdcage 5

I got a banoffie cake and a loose leaf breakfast tea for €4.50 which I though was pretty good value considering the quality and taste of both. The banoffie cake was delicious but very sweet, so maybe some people would rather their mini carrot cakes, chocolate cakes, flapjacks or pastries. Everything I have tried in the past has been delicious.


They also do delicious quiches, tarts, sandwiches, salads and calzones for lunch. I got a roasted pepper and goats cheese tart and salad to follow my cake (I was in a backwards eating kind of mood) and it was also delicious. There isn’t much seating space so this is mainly a posh take-away spot, but definitely a place to put on your list. Check this place out, eat the cake and let us know what you think!