Dillinger's - Best Nachos In Dublin - Shame The Concept Was Robbed


Restaurants copy each other all the time and chefs are known to eat out on their days off to find the best ideas and be inspired by others. Happens in every industry I guess. While taking inspiration is one thing stealing an entire identity is quite another. Let me introduce you to Dillingers one of the most popular spots in Dublin for brunch. For those that remember Mint in Ranelagh (the Michelin starred restaurant owned by all round douchebag Dylan Mcgrath) this is the same room but stripped way back and rammed full of tables. Always packed. Trendy. Good food, funky wine selections and a unique look and feel. It belongs to the Butchers Grill and 777 family of restaurants but all is not what it seems like in terms of original creativity. The restaurant not only draws inspiration from a place in New York called Schillers but they've basically copied the place in every fucking way imaginable. Lets have a look at the evidence...

Wine Lists

The one at the top belongs to Dillingers and the one on the bottom is the New York restaurant. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see that the Irish restaurant have completely copied the NY eatery and not even bothered to even change the fonts, colors or style all that much. I'm sure plenty of other places around the world sell wine like this but this is literally a copy and paste job.


So the first thing you notice in the top picture taken at the bar in Dillingers is the unique wine bottles with the numbers on them. As you'll see below the exact same style bottles are a feature in Schillers.

What is even funnier I think is that Dillingers have even gone as far as copying the floor with the exact same tiles as the NY eatery. The industrial design with wooden tables are also identical in both places.

You could close your eyes, get blindfolded and taken in to either of the venues and you'd struggle to tell if you were in The Big Apple or the outskirts of Dublin. The wine bottles with the numbers on them are the signature touch from both places.

The list of stuff goes on and on in terms of what has been copied including the style of food, cocktails and you only have to look at the photos on either of their Facebook pages to see the starting similarities. Anyway enough about the copying lets move on and see if the food was any good.

The Food Is Savage

I had a couple of shite meals in Dillingers and nearly gave up on the place at one stage. Then I discovered the nachos. Super nachos they are called. No better word for them. I've had them four weeks in a row now as a whopper treat after a long week of work. You could feed a whole fucking football team on 2 portions of these nachos and I've never even come close to finishing them in one sitting. Awesome chili, loads of cheese, fresh avocados, salsa, herbs and Jalepnos. You get so many nachos with that processed cheese wank sauce poured over them served with Guacamole that both looks and tastes like puke but these are the real deal. Easily the best nachos in Dublin. My only issue is that they are so good that I have nearly gone off them by eating them so often. This would be very close to being my death row final meal request. Some poncey hipster beer (I didn't check but I would imagine that is copied from Schillers as well) and this makes a great start to any weekend.

So nothing about Dillingers is original. They've ripped off another restaurant but you know what? I just couldn't give a shit. Its not as if they are stealing customers from 5000 miles away. If they hadn't copied it I'd still be eating shit nachos. The world is a better place with a Dillingers around and 99.99% of people will never know it was copied. Businesses get copied all the time in a very blatant way. Look at Apple and Samsung. Or every coffee shop in the world after Starbucks appeared. Copying is fine especially in Ireland where we are generally 2 years behind USA trends but putting your own spin on it is key. You might not 100% agree with it morally but when you taste the food and atmosphere you'll be delighted a couple of lads walked in to Schillers some day and thought to themselves "we should copy this fucking thing and bring it to Ireland".

The View From Others

I am only one person eating there on one single sitting so in order to give the review a more balanced focus here are some other bloggers and journalists who have written about the place before me... Cheap eats Gastronmic Girls Vick's cakes blog

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